Sports Organizations Are Rapidly Growing!

  • 10,200 Cal South Soccer Teams
  • Over 8,000 USVBA Volleyball Players in Southern California
  • 80% Growth in CIF Lacrosse participation over the last three years
  • 5.8 million new players starting playing tennis in 2005
  • Hundreds of thousands of young athletes participate in various Southern California sports programs and thousands more just need a place to continue playing sports.

Economic Development Potential

  • CSI Tournaments and events bring jobs and economic opportunities to Orange County
  • CSI is privately financed – no taxpayer monies required
  • Regional Tournaments and Events provide cities like Austin, TX and Virginia Beach, VA over $10 million annually. The CSI Village will host over 30 tournaments and events a year.
  • CSI Tournaments and events will bring thousands of tourists and families to Southern California
  • CSI tournaments and events will bring thousands of tourists and families to CSI communities bringing tremendous economic opportunities to cities – over 50% of all Tampa, Florida hotel business comes from youth sports

CSI’s Sports Village will be developed and managed by expert Athletic Directors

  • CSI Sports Village facilities will be build to fit the specific needs of each sports organization and each athlete
  • CSI Management will operate each facility to:
    • practice times, leagues and tournaments
    • ensure open recreation access
    • ensure access for each child to organized participation